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Lost Saga Europe

Open beta finds its way to Europe.

Los Angeles, California -- 10th of March 2011 -- OGPlanet, international publisher of high quality online games, and global game publisher Samsung are pleased to announce that the acclaimed action game Lost Saga will soon be operating across Europe in English language, with dedicated service and support staff for European players. With a rich variety of powerful heroes and super-fast player-vs-player battles, Lost Saga has a lot to offer action fans, who will shortly be able to enjoy the fast-paced combat – which was showcased at the World Cyber Games 2010 – for free on a brand-new European service.

Following the successful launch of Lost Saga in South Korea and North America, OGPlanet is now preparing the European release of the game, and aims to provide the best possible gaming experience to European players with local servers and a dedicated team to communicate with and support players across Europe. “ We specialize in online action games at OGPlanet, and we recognize that action gamers need a high level of service, as well as optimal game performance, to maximize their competitiveness,” said Sangchul Park, CEO of OGPlanet . “We intend to bring the best of action gaming to European players in a complete package: a great game with a quality of service that exceeds their expectations.

The European Open Beta of Lost Saga will be starting on the 24th of March, and registration is now open on the game’s official European website at http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/eu. Players who participate in the European beta will receive exclusive bonuses and items, so don’t delay -- register now to secure your head start!

You can also find the premier video trailer for Lost Saga on the official site, along with recent screenshots, artwork, and breaking news about the game. To keep up to date with all the latest information about Lost Saga in Europe, please visit http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/eu.

About Lost Saga

Lost Saga is an action-packed online fighting game featuring a huge collection of heroes inspired by fantasy, science-fiction and history, all coming to life in an all-out brawl for the ages! Up to 16 players can battle it out with their friends and foes across multiple maps, various game modes, guild battles and more. With 28 customizable heroes to choose from and over 100 new heroes planned, Lost Saga will always have something new and exciting to offer players. More information is available on the official website at http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/eu.

About OGPlanet

Established in 2005, OGPlanet specializes in free-to-play online action games, publishing and operating successful, fast-paced games globally. Based in Los Angeles, California, OGPlanet offers a selection of the most exciting Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game titles from top developers -- games that players from all over the world come together to play, socialize in and build lasting friendships. For more information, please visit www . ogplanet . com.

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