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Lords Online

New video released of browser-based strategy game.

IGG has released a new flash video that gives gamers a sneak peek into the RPG side of Lords Online. If you’re not already in the game, smiting monsters and expanding your kingdom, then here’s your chance to find out what fans are raving about. Visit http://lo.igg.com/community/videos.php to learn about the three opposing races: the Shaba, the Humans and the Alec. Watch as a lord’s forces prepare to conquer an enemy city. As the city burns and a storm of projectiles rains down, you get a taste of the devastating power of the cavalry, archers, and a fleet of trebuchets a lord can command to strike fear into the enemy.

Interactive gameplay is at the heart of Lords Online. Take full control over a hero in battle. Use them to lead troops and carry out your orders. Make your own destiny as you build armies and equip heroes with the strategies they need to conquer your foes. The power is yours if you want it. Try Lords Online today and experience the glory for yourself.

About Lords Online

As IGG’s first in-house F2P browser-based strategy game, Lords Online takes a realistic approach to governing a kingdom, giving players the ability to deal with various political situations. In this open world, LO offers players detailed visuals and practical tools, such as a movable map and a navigation system, to help them make strategic choices to achieve their goals of expansion. Visit http://lo.igg.com/main.php to learn more.

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