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Lords Online

A guide to the game's three races.

Lords Online is the first browser-based game developed by IGG’s in-house team. While the developers are putting the final touches on what promises to be an epic adventure, more details have been revealed. In this latest sneak peek, we're looking at the history and characteristics of the three playable races players can choose in their journey into this medieval world of conflict.

The story started with a wild and raging flood that devastated the human world. Prince Coss scrambled to gather survivors and fled with them to the safety of the Mu Continent. The Clude welcomed Prince Coss and his people with open arms and generously offered them a piece of their abundant land. Before the humans could settle the open plains, however, they were attacked by a fierce Silver Dragon. Prince Coss and his people defeated the beast, and dubbed the plain God’s Favor. There the country of Flange was born, with Coss crowned as its king.

Peace did not last long on the Mu Continent. Under the threat of the powerful Beard tribe’s advances, the land of Clude split into two kingdoms: Shaba and Alec. The people of Shaba epitomize physical prowess, while those of Alec devote themselves to magic and peace. The humans and their technologically advanced robot defenders have joined forces with Shaba’s giants to repel the accursed Beards once and for all. Even the peace-loving Alec have reluctantly taken up arms against the invaders.

Humans are strong-willed and intelligent. Lacking the size of the Shaba or the supernatural abilities of the Alec, they rely upon their robots to defend their territory. Their defensive abilities are their greatest strength, making them valuable allies to the natives of the Mu Continent.

The Shaba have huge, powerful bodies. Above all they value strength and discipline. Their goal is to forge a new world with their weapons. They possess the most formidable attacks of any of the playable races.

The Alec prefer peace to war, but their magical powers grant them a measure of respect from both the humans and their cousins among the Shaba. Underestimating them is a grave mistake, for when forced to fight their spells are as dangerous as the humans’ robots or the Shaba’s weapons. The Alec provide a necessary balance to keep the more violent tendencies of their neighbors in check.

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