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Lord of the Rings Online social networking site begins beta

My LOTRO available for a limited time for North American users

Turbine has opened its social networking site for The Lord of the Rings Online to the public for the first time, reports Eurogamer.

The site, My LOTRO, is available for a very limited time as a "beta preview". The preview closes tomorrow, Friday December 12.

At the moment, My LOTRO is run exclusively by Turbine, the developer of the Tolkien MMO, and is only available to players on the North American servers operated by Turbine itself.

For the time being, it's not available to players on the European servers operated by Codemasters Online Gaming.

My LOTRO, which Turbine previewed to Japanese developers at the Tokyo Game Show, combines the character profiling and guild features of World of Warcraft's Armory with the social features of Facebook - live news feeds, media sharing, friends list management and communication tools.

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