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London Games Conference

Last chance to secure a place at next month's event at BAFTA.

Over 220 leading execs from the global games industry will discuss the future of the industry at BAFTA, Piccadilly on Thursday November 4th.

A last call is being made for delegates who want to book a place at The London Games Conference: Survival and Profit in a Changing Industry.

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens and Playfire chief Kieran O'Neill recently joined a speaker line-up of heavyweights including keynote Heiko Hubertz, who is the CEO of Bigpoint, plus Playfish general manager John Earner, Gaikai's David Perry, Q Entertainment CEO Shuji Utsumi, Capcom's European boss David Reeves, and key execs from GameStop, IGN and Screen Digest.

LGC is the final event within this year's London Games Festival. It will examine the challenges in an industry that is being driven more than ever before by digital distribution, online play, social networks and the concept of 'games as a service' rather than just boxed products heading into the High Street.

Screen Digest will also be presenting exclusive new data at the conference. And Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, will deliver a closing address.

Session hosts include MCV editor-in-chief Michael French, former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison and Eurogamer TV's Johnny Minkley.

The event is supported by platinum sponsor IGN, and gold sponsors The Hut, AGI, InComm, Virgin Gaming, Multiplay and freeform.London.

London Games Conference will run from 5pm to 8pm and is followed by a networking dinner and drinks.

Contact for ticket pricing and availability.


5:00 Welcome

Stuart Dinsey - Managing Director, Intent Media

5:02 The Keys to International Success with Online Games Heiko Hubert - Founder & CEO, Bigpoint

Half of all the internet traffic is already generated by online game sites. Revenues are soaring and companies in the sector are growing exponentially. Being successful with online games means developing a widespread portfolio of Browser Games, Casual Games, Mobile Games and more - as well as offering new possibilities like real-time cross platform multiplayer gaming. Heiko Hubertz will point out the key differences and similarities between Europe and North America and how to achieve global success. The future of online games depends not only on creativity and technology but very much on an excellent business model.

5:25 The Shape of Clouds to Come

A panel of industry leaders and innovators discuss the impact of social networks, online play, advanced mobile devices and cloud technology on the future of the games industry.

Panellists: Shuji Utsumi, CEO, Q Entertainment; Ben Cousins, General Manager, Easy (EA); Kristian Segerstrale, CEO, Playfish; Floris Jans Cuypers, Business Development Director, Spil Games

Chairman: Phil Harrison, Co-Founder & General Partner, London Venture Partners;

6:05 - The Evolution of Retail alongside Digital Distribution and Online Gaming Ben Keen - Chief Analyst, Screen Digest

New data from specialist research firm Screen Digest will reveal the impact of digital distribution on boxed product sales and a look ahead to predicted trends over the next few years.

6:35 Different Ways to Play, Different Ways to Pay

How traditional bricks and mortar retailers, digital distributors, developers and publishers are all discussing new ways to find, sell to and retain consumers.

Panellists: Chris Petrovic, Senior Vice President & General Manager, GameStop; Rod Cousens, CEO, Codemasters; Ian Chambers, International Vice President, IGN; Simon Osgood, European Product Development Director, InComm

Chairman: Michael French, Editor-in-Chief, MCV

7:10 Sharpen your Skills

Ian Livingstone - Livingstone-Hope Skills Review

The Government has asked Eidos life president Ian Livingstone to head a review into the skills and training models needed to establish the UK as the destination choice for games production

7:20 The New Power Base

Choosing a platform for content used to be relatively straightforward. Now there are myriad options, and a host of major new players offering audiences measured in millions or more. An in-depth look at some of the most interesting and potentially profitable ways to think outside the box(es).

Panellists: David Reeves, COO, Capcom Europe; Dave Perry, Co-founder & CEO, Gaikai; Jasper Smith, Founder & CEO, PlayJam; Kieran O'Neill, Co-founder & CEO, Playfire

Chairman: Johnny Minkley, Eurogamer TV

8:00 - The Government and the Games Industry Ed Vaizey - Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries

The Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative industries closes both LGC 2010 and London Games Festival.

8:13 Closing Remarks

Stuart Dinsey - Managing Director, Intent Media

8:15 Networking & Dinner

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