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Lola and Virginia DS

DS RPG of the animated rich-vs-poor TV series launches on November 14th.

Play V, the UK-based publishing venture co-funded by V2.Play and Playlogic, has announced that Lola and Virginia will be released for Nintendo DS on 14th November. Forming part of PlayV's family-friendly line-up, Lola and Virginia draws on the TV series to create an open RPG set in the school where the humorous animated series takes place.

Lola and Virginia, produced by Imira Entertainment, is an animated series aimed at 6-12 year olds, telling the age-old story of rich and poor. Lola comes from an average neighbourhood and takes care of her two younger brothers whilst wearing second-hand clothes and hand-me-downs. All goes well until rich girl Virginia arrives at the school. Rich, beautiful and a hit with the boys, Virginia sparks huge envy in Lola and sets the stage for a series of clashes, strategic plots and competitions as the two girls battle for popularity.

The Nintendo DS version of Lola and Virginia, developed by V2.Play, gives players the opportunity to help Lola overcome Virginia's huge advantages as the plucky hero embarks on a series of quests around her school. In line with the TV series, character-driven puzzles and quests will be spun around everyday life for 6-12 year olds, touching on themes of friendship and popularity, fashion, first loves and peer pressure.

Brian Faller, Marketing Manager at PlayV, comments: " Lola and Virginia is a fantastic licence for PlayV. Its setting, and surprisingly astute humour, makes it a great fit for the intended age group, as well as older female gamers looking for a bit of school-based nostalgia. As part of our ever-increasing family line-up, Lola and Virginia will be a perfect fit for anyone buying a DS for their children this Christmas."

Lola And Virginia will be released on 14th November 2009.



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