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LMA Manager 2006’s all-new graphics engine to power the series’ most detailed 3D matches.

New 3D match engine revealed, Manager Editor introduced, and 3D training matches detailed for LMA Manager 2006, coming late October for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

As an evolutionary year for the genre-leading series, LMA Manager 2006 is being equipped with an all-new graphics engine to deliver the most realistic match-day action ever seen in the series' highly acclaimed 3D match section.

LMA Manager's pioneering use of a 3D match has become a defining game element for the series' legions of players. With detailed close-ups and television-style action-packed replays, the 3D match enables you to make instant decisions based on what's happening out on the pitch at that very moment, rather than continually looking at a page of stats or 2D blobs floating around a screen.

LMA Manager 2006's new visuals bring all your players to life with a completely new set of motion-captured animations. Full facial animations will also capture the emotions of the beautiful game in dramatic match cut-scenes.

Managers can now spot hard workers from slackers, with your unsung heroes truly standing out. Such players will cover every blade of grass, chase every ball and not back down from any tackle.

LMA Manager 2006 will also let you spot the flair players from the carthorses. Your prospective Brazilian or Portuguese wonder-kids, with the dancing feet, will mesmerize your opponents with crowd-pleasing step-overs, dummies, overhead kicks and fancy volleys.

Keen-eyed managers will unfortunately have to watch out for their very own Sicknote's with some players seeming to spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch.

Managers will also have to deal with minor injuries for the first time. Making your most trusted midfielder play through the pain barrier may horribly backfire if his condition deteriorates and he is forced to miss your most crucial matches.

Gamers will be able to recreate themselves in a brand new Manager Editor and see themselves taking charge in the dugout for the first time, barking instructions and orders at their players during the big matches.

At their disposal is an improved tactics system with greater variety of tactical styles including control of wing focus and formation width. Also available are a greater variety of Dugout Shouts for instant tactical style changes, such as playing 'possession football' and 'patient' build-up play.

Even the best managers struggle to get their tactics spot on straight away - so LMA Manager 2006 also introduces 3D Training Matches, allowing the user to try out new tactics and formations without risk in advance of a big game.

True experimenters will find this necessary as players don't react well to constant change and will need time to settle into a new playing style. Big spenders will also have the ability to add new facilities to their training grounds to get that bit extra out of their players.

As the only football management game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox this winter, LMA Manager 2006 is coming in late October. Warm up for the must-play fixture in your living room online at

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LMA MANAGER 2006: The best football management game for PS2 and Xbox just got better!

- New game and database engine for the most powerful LMA ever.

- The most realistic Transfer Market system with complex contract negotiations.

- The continued evolution of the 3D-match to show player reactions as the match progresses.

- All new look and contemporary styling for intuitive interface and stats screens.

- More teams than ever for real football management at all levels: grass roots, domestic, and European.

- New 'Football One' Interactive TV station - your window on the football world.

- More real-life stadia with more customisation options than ever before.

- New fully featured Training section with 3D Training Match and In-Depth Training Report.

- Online Content Sharing: More interactive elements for the massive LMA online community.


UK & Rest of World = LMA Manager 2006

France = F.C. Manager 2006: Le Passion du Foot

Germany = BDFL Manager 2006

Spain = Manager De Liga 2006

Italy = Football Manager Campionato 2006

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