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LMA Manager 2006 – the more you train, the more you gain

All-new training section and 3D training match revealed – see it in action with the new LMA Manager 2006 ‘Training’ video at

Every football fan realises that even the world's elite managers don't get their team tactics and formations right every time. Well, would you have played a 4-5-1 formation?!

In LMA Manager 2006, coming this November to PlayStation 2 and Xbox, you can give your team tactics a run through ahead of match day.

LMA Manager 2006 introduces an all-new training section, enabling you to be your very own "Tinker-Man" and experiment with those riskier tactics and formations. You can then see how your squad copes with them in full 3D training matches, an absolute first in football management games.

True experimental managers will find training matches a major bonus as players don't always react well to constant change and may need time to settle into a new playing style. Training matches are played at your own training ground as a single half. As with the full 3D matches, you can set up your tactics and team before the training match starts.

As the match unfolds you can exert real managerial control on the tactics and formation being played from the touchline and issue your own choice of instructions, such as "defend", "keep possession" or go for "all out attack."

However, bear in mind that over-training may make you players more susceptible to injuries in your more important big games. After the training match you can analyse each player's performance in great detail, thanks to a whole host of post-match stats.

LMA Manager 2006 even lets you upgrade your training ground to match your ambitions. Facility upgrades for gymnasiums, all weather pitches and medical centres allow your players to improve at an accelerated pace.

The main training section has also been redesigned to make it quicker to set up regimes for the players in your squad, plus training reports from your staff are more detailed than ever.

LMA Manager 2006 brings you detailed reports for all of the players in your squad; from first team to youth squad for the first time; helping to reveal their hidden attributes and tactical aptitudes.

With its new training section and a host of other new features, LMA Manager 2006 will launch as the definitive management game on console this November.

For all the latest including the new training video, visit the game's website at

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The best football management game for PS2 and Xbox just got better!

  • New game and database engine for the most powerful LMA ever.
  • The most realistic Transfer Market system with complex contract negotiations.
  • The continued evolution of the 3D-match to show player reactions as the match progresses.
  • All new look and contemporary styling for intuitive interface and stats screens.
  • More teams than ever for real football management at all levels: grass roots, domestic, and European.
  • New 'Football One' Interactive TV station - your window on the football world.
  • More real-life stadia with more customisation options than ever before.
  • New fully featured Training section with 3D Training Match and In-Depth Training Report.
  • Online Content Sharing: More interactive elements for the massive LMA online community.
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