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Llamasoft Is Back - On Xbox 360

Veteran developer puts some psychedelia into new Microsoft console.

WALES, 17 May 2005 - Jeff Minter's Llamasoft is proud to announce that it is returning to the forefront of the gaming world with a cutting-edge music visualisation system designed for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Based on Llamasoft's proprietary graphics technology entitled Neon, the Llamasoft visualiser comes pre-installed and is driven both by beat detection and by joypad control. It can be left running on full automatic to provide a music-driven display, or for the full interactive experience players can take control of different aspects of the display - camera, patterns and effect generators - to create a compelling and hypnotic lightshow.

The results have to be seen to be believed: swirling, abstract, multi-layered imagery at a rock-solid frame rate and of a quality that's streets ahead of every other music visualisation system available. You've never seen anything generate live visuals like this - even if you're a professional lighting director.

The new Llamasoft visualiser will redefine the music visualisation genre. It's better-looking by far than every other vis package, and it delivers precision fingertip control of a kind that no-one else has even considered before but which is so intuitive that anyone can pick up the basics in seconds. Play your favourite album on your Xbox 360, pick up a controller and jam along visually to the music.

You'll never see music in the same way again.


Alongside his quarter of a century working as a game developer, Jeff Minter has over 20 years' experience of creating systems for generating live performance visuals. He coined the term 'light synthesiser' in 1984 to describe Psychedelia, his original lightsynth for home computers, and his techniques have inspired most modern audio visualisation software.

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