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Livingstone calls for industry "collaboration and co-operation"

Eidos life president underlines importance for industry to "speak with a single voice" on key issues

Eidos life president Ian Livingstone has told that the UK videogames industry must work together for the common good.

Speaking after the TIGA board unanimously rejected plans of a possible merger with UKIE, Livingstone - co-author of the government-commissioned and recently-released Livingstone Hope Skills Review - underlined the importance for a "single voice on vital issues".

"Progress is about simplification not complication," he said. "I made the point at the launch of the Livingstone Hope Skills Review that to be clearly heard, it is important to speak with a single voice on vital issues.

"The games industry and its trade bodies must be united to raise the awareness of the opportunities it offers and the issues it faces. We need breadth in our thinking. Collaboration and co-operation are required for the common good of the industry.

"The Skills Review demonstrated that industry, sector skills councils, trade associations, education and government can achieve a common policy objective by working together."

Livingstone's comments at the Skills Review launch in London had prompted renewed discussions as to whether a merger of TIGA and UKIE was possible.

However, now understands that no formal discussions between the two boards took place, and TIGA opted to stem the idea at its own board meeting held this week.

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