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One of the UK's hottest developers, Data Design Interactive has once again partnered with Rolf C. Hagen Inc. the world's largest privately run pet accessory manufacturer to produce the newly released computer game 'Living World Racing' hitting the streets on the PS2 and PC.

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In English at: http://www.m3deurope.com/index.php?item=61

In French at: http://www.m3deurope.com/index.php?item=62

In German at: http://www.m3deurope.com/index.php?item=63

In Spanish at: http://www.m3deurope.com/index.php?item=64


  • A 3D Racing game with slow/medium/fast speed options
  • Single player or multi-player split screen
  • Easy, medium and high Artificial Intelligence modes.
  • Cunningly designed tracks with eye catching scenery
  • Day and night levels with random weather conditions
  • 3 different championship cups with differing combinations of tracks.
  • Pickup system to unlock new characters and levels
  • Skilful use of power boosts, missiles, bombs and shields
  • An information guide on the animals the characters represent.

The game is based on Hagen's newly released Living World brand which has exciting habitats, accessories, bedding and numerous nutritional foods and snacks for the small animal market.

The flying HMS Boat transports our cool pets to Living World, a wonderfully lustrous utopian heaven of green grass, shrubs, flowers, trees, animal homes, mini towns as well as special levels with a fun fair or a ski resort! The annual Living World Challenge Cup Race is due to start and all the contestants are fully geared up to race around the track and take the coveted Cup home.

The characters individually race in powerful fan propelled hover boats and can reach lightening fast speeds under turbo boost, whizzing around tracks, collecting the various speed-ups and nutritional snack points along the way. The levels in each lavishly designed environment get progressively harder with devious combinations of tight corners, steep hills, ramps, narrow bridges, dangerous cliff edges and whirling tornados. Not to mention coping with the visual delights of sometimes navigating through torrential rain or snow blizzards.

You can play as nice or as nasty as you like, blasting your competitors in a frenzy of carrot missiles or laying explosive traps with pumpkin bombs. There is a huge amount of gameplay in both single-player and multi-player modes, with practice races in both day and night modes, a time trial mode, various difficulty settings, weather conditions and the 3 championship cups to win for each difficulty setting!

This is a great family orientated and cool game, which also promotes responsible pet ownership by encouraging children to learn how to choose and care for the 8 small animals featured through use of the integrated Pet Care Educational Guide.

For over 40 years, Rolf C. Hagen Inc. has provided the most innovative, high quality pet supplies to the world and has led the industry with considerable investment in research and development into areas such as food nutrition, habitats and general pet care. They have a number of high profile household brands, such as Nutrafin, Fluval, Elite, Laguna and Habitrail, and have now launched the eagerly awaited Living World brand. A firm believer in educating families about the child health and development benefits of pet ownership, they have recently embraced the computer games market as a fun interactive medium for both enjoyment and pet care education. The company's International Headquarters are in Montreal, Canada and has wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, England, France, Germany and Malaysia (South East Asia) along with numerous international joint ventures and partnerships enabling worldwide distribution.

More information on the Living World brand, products and characters, plus a "sneak peek" of the game, can be found by visiting their website on www.livingworld.com

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