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Littleloud and Zombie Cow win at BIMAs

Channel 4-funded games bag gongs from British Interactive Media Association

Littleloud's The Curfew and Zombie Cow's Privates were the games winners at last night's British Interactive Media Association Awards, which celebrates digital achievement in the UK.

Brighton studio Littleloud was victorious in the Educational & Outreach and Motion Graphics categories with its political awareness title, while sex-ed romp Privates won the Games award (beating two Littleloud nominees).

Littleloud had six nominations in total, and Zombie Cow three. Both games were funded by Channel 4's education department.

"It was nice just to be nominated for three BIMA awards (Games, Originality and Effectiveness)," wrote Zombie Cow's Dan Marshall, "but to walk away with the one we honestly thought we had no chance of winning was a shock second only to the completely-true story of being charged five pounds for a can of 'Red Stripe Lager' at the bar. Honestly! Five pounds!"

The full list of winners and nominees is available here.

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