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LittleBigPlanet 2 to allow cross-genre game creation

UPDATE: control customisation, AI programming and cutscene editing confirmed

Ahead of an official reveal due at 2pm today, details have been leaked on Media Molecule's sequel to 2008's LittleBigPlanet.

As published by US magazine Game Informer and posted by consumer forum NeoGAF, the game will enable users to create games of all genres, not just platformers.

According to the leak, players will be able to create racing games, puzzle games, shoot-em-ups and RTS and role-playing games.

It will also allow them to create and edit short films, record sound effects, move the in-game camera, produce cutscenes, program enemies and customise the HUD and game's controls.

Content from the original game will also be importable to the new title.

UPDATE: Media Molecule has released a video and official details of the new game, which will indeed give users access to the features described above.

The video and a full preview of the game, which is due out this Christmas, can be found on Eurogamer.

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