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Little Brownies

Popular Russian game gets worldwide release via social networks.

Early in February  2011 ­– Little Brownies, a popular game in Russian social networks developed by Bit.Games Studio, was successfully launched in four popular social networks around the world. The game was launched in the first-rate Asian network Friendster, as well as in networks Hi5 and Sonico popular in Latin America, as well as in StudiVZ network popular in Europe. The overall number of users in the networks exceeds 500 million all over the world. From the very first day Little Brownies entered the list of the fastest-growing applications on StudiVZ.

The gameplay of Little Brownies is based on Russian folklore and specific cultural features, while the main heroes are the well-known characters of Russian fairy tales. A nice house sprite Brownie is busy cleaning up his house and commenting on it. The new game immediately won the hearts and minds of social network users in Russia and gained 2,200,000 users in less than a month. From the very launch of the game it has been ranked among the top social network game apps. The publisher hopes to enchant users of social networks all over the world with the ethnic flavor of the game.

Little Brownies was published via new PixAPI platform launched by Pixonic in December 2010. The platform was designed to create games and other social network apps around the world with minimum effort and time required. Today Pixonic offers partnership to any studio from any country opening them an easy way to publish their games in eight global and three Russian social networks.

"PixAPI is an absolutely unique platform which allows to make the game ready and launch it in major social networks in 5-7 days, considerably cutting down the time and expenses for game adjustment to social network APIs, minimizing  the launch time and shifting all marketing costs to the publisher’s shoulders," says Elena Masolova, CEO at Pixonic. "Today our portfolio boasts more than 40 games by 17 developers from 7 countries. We are actively entering new social networks: our games are played in 11 networks today, however by June 2011 we plan to bring the number up to 25 networks with more than 2 billion registered users."

Platform developers are sure the new product will have skyrocketing success on the global market of social network games.


Pixonic is a global social network game publisher and PixAPI platform developer from Russia. PixAPI is a high-end social network game platform which allows quick launch of basically any game in major social networks.

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