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Listen to Morning's Wrath soundtrack for Free

The highly regarded indie game, Morning's Wrath <>, has fought its game onto the <> media player. Users can finally listen to the entire soundtrack to the game at no cost!

The <> media player called The Pipeline, allows users to stream both video and audio content. The Pipeline has partnered up with <> and <> to syndicate their videos and to provide its users with high quality content.

The Pipeline can be added onto anyone's website, blog, or MySpace account and receive free content updates provided by <> in any resolution that the player is resized too! Now everyone can have video game trailers, video game music, and more running on their webpages.

The soundtrack to Ethereal Darkness Interactive <>'s Morning's Wrath <>, can be found in The Pipeline under the Video Game Music Channel show.

For a list of syndicating websites go to

For more information on how to add the player onto your website go to

*About Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games:

*Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games is a independent developer headed by Raymond Jacobs. The company is based Northampton, Massachusetts. Their goal is to create Fun, Intellectually Stimulating and Engaging computer games under tight time and budget constraints. The EDI Games team is now busy working on their next adventure game, Malathedra, which is targeted for 2007. ( <>)

*About*: <> offers the entertainment world like never experienced before. Within one player, <> features video games, movies, music, and more. With <> as the content provider, clean fun and quality are offered at no cost.

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