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Liquid Set To Blitz Consumer PR

May 24th 2005, Northamptonshire, UK: The Liquid Games label is to benefit from its first ever major consumer promotional campaign this summer. In a sector which has traditionally been happy to let its products trickle out unannounced for impulse-purchase, Liquid Games will now benefit from heavy exposure across a broad range of media.

Liquid's publishing director, Kevin Hassall explains:

"There seems to be a sense that lower priced games shouldn't be talked about - that they're cheap and nasty and perhaps even, something to be ashamed of. That's absurd. Looking at the titles that we have scheduled for release over the summer there's nothing nasty about these. Games such Crazy Golf World Tour and The Arcade are terrific titles and The Great British Football Quiz is outstanding 'lad' entertainment. We've got nothing to be ashamed of with these products, and we want the world to know about them."

Following five months of small-scale, trial PR campaigns, Oxygen Interactive, the publisher behind the Liquid label, has identified a range of key media which is keen to cover family-friendly games, and will now undertake a major PR and marketing campaign to promote its growing raft of titles. Targeting a range of family and lifestyle media, including newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, the Liquid range will be promoted far beyond the usual specialist games media.

Hassall continues:

"Our prime directive is to promote the Liquid label. As this will be the only casual-gaming range to be receiving this push through to Christmas, we want everyone that has access to a PS2 to know that there are games out there for them. Liquid Games is all about bringing titles to the whole family. In the run-up to Christmas, we want consumers to know that there are affordable games out there for them, their friends and relatives."

The Liquid Games range was launched in January this year and has already enjoyed success with its sports titles, particularly GT Racers which ranked among the top ten in the UK budget games charts earlier this year. As well as featuring content that is appealing to families, Liquid's games are pocket-friendly, with PS2 and PC titles priced at just £9.99 and £3.99 respectively.


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