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17th September 2004. Link returns to the Game Boy Advance when The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap launches across Europe on 12th November 2004. Join Link in this brand new adventure as he sets out to re-forge a legendary sword and bring peace back to the land of Hyrule.

To excite Zelda fans even more, a special Zelda Limited Edition Pak will also be available from 12th November 2004. This Pak includes a Zelda Game Boy Advance SP (a limited edition Gold Coloured Game Boy Advance SP), plus a copy of the game. The stylish new Gold Coloured Game Boy Advance SP includes the symbol of the Triforce on the outside and the emblem of the Hyrule Royal Family on the inside. The Zelda Game Boy Advance SP is available exclusively in this Zelda Limited Edition Pak - for Zelda fans everywhere; this is something not to be missed!

Released from the broken power of an ancient mystical sword, Vaati the wind mage is wreaking havoc across the Land of Hyrule. The only way to free Hyrule from Vaati's evil clutches is to restore the sword and seal the evil mage's power once more. However, the knowledge to restore the sword is kept only by the tiny Minish people who live in a land invisible to adult eyes. Enter Link, a young boy who takes on the epic journey that will turn him into a hero of legend...

On his adventure, Link comes across an extraordinary hat called the "Minish Cap". The Minish Cap has amazing powers: it can shrink Link down to minute size and even speak, offering Link invaluable advice. Using the powers of the ever-helpful and friendly Minish Cap, Link can explore two very different worlds: his own native land, and the tiny land of the Minish people. By changing his size between big and small, Link can solve brain-teasing puzzles and negotiate previously inaccessible areas.

Players can look forward to finding and using many new items, such as a suction device used to bring faraway objects closer, and kinstones. Kinstones collected in the game can be fused with other kinstones in order to make unexpected events occur and mysterious items appear.

With a huge overland world complete with beautiful locations and unforgettable characters, as well as challenging, enemy-filled dungeons to explore, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap will keep players of all ages glued to their Game Boy Advance for many enjoyable hours.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap launches on Game Boy Advance across Europe on 12th November 2004 and is estimated to retail at around £30 in the UK.

The Zelda Limited Edition Pak launches across Europe on 12th November 2004 and is estimated to retail at around £89 in the UK.

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