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Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne

Gracia Part 2 introduces Kratei's Cube, the Monster Parade and the Fantasy Isle.

Over the years, Lineage II players have been known to push the envelope when it comes to PvP and PvE. With the recent additions of contestable Fortresses and the unrelenting continent of Hellbound, there has been plenty to do. Now, with the release of Gracia Part 2, players have another venue to pit their battle prowess and skills against friends and foes alike.

Kratei’s Cube is the latest PvP and PvE addition that allows players to fight against one another and creatures in a twenty-minute timed match. Unlike other events, players earn points for killing other players, as well as creatures within the Kratei Cube’s maze of rooms. Players with the highest point total after the round is over earn Fantasy Isle Coins, which can be exchanged at the Fantasy Isle’s NPC Paddies for valuable rewards. Finding and slaying a rare creature is worth up to 50 points and could mean the difference between victory and defeat! Whenever you die in the Cube, your CP, MP and HP are fully restored, so, if there is time left on the match, you can go right back into the fray with no point loss.

Kratei’s Cube is available at the ever-expanding Fantasy Isle area and is accessible to players level 70 or higher. With up to 25 players in addition to the Kratei’s Cube creatures, this will be a big enough challenge for anyone and with matches starting every half hour, there is hardly any downtime. Kratei’s Cube is perfect for quick, fast paced action that doesn’t require a lot of downtime -- just jump in and fight.

When players are ready for a break, they can enjoy many of the other sights and experiences available on Fantasy Isle. From the Monster Parade to socializing with other players, there is a wide variety of activities to keep them busy. When players are ready to go back to the hunt, they also have the option of participating in Underground Coliseum battle matches, Kratei’s Cube for continued rewards, or teleporting back to the main land to continue their adventures.

For more information about the Gracia Part 2 update for Lineage II, visit the preview site at http://www.lineage2.com/gracia/index2.html

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