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Lineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood

Vanquishing Monsters in Lineage® II

Thursday 7th September/...In the world of Lineage® II: The Chaotic Chronicle, fame, experience, and great riches can be gained by defeating monsters. The most challenging and rewarding creatures in the game are known as raid bosses.

In Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood, one of the feature raid boss encounters revolves around the formidable and unique Frintezza. His domain is in a secret area of the Imperial Tomb, which is protected by a magical force field. The leader of the party that wishes to enter has to complete a quest to obtain a scroll that removes the barrier. The quest begins with the Nameless Soul who resides in the Four Sepulchers.

Up to 5 full parties (45 players) can participate in this battle. Upon entering the secret tomb, the entire raid party is split. One group of players is sent to an inner area and the other is sent to an outer area. The outer group must destroy structures that have a chance to take down the walls that separate the two groups. As structures are destroyed, monsters spawn that the inner group must defeat to survive. Once the walls are down, the members of the raid party can reunite to prepare for the final battle.

A powerful being of royal heritage, Frintezza is the last imperial prince of the Elmoreden empire, and son to Baium of the Tower of Insolence. Rumor speaks of Frintezza's immortality, which was nefariously acquired through a pact with a demon. Befitting someone of this stature, his inner sanctum is an extravagant room with a portrait of himself as its centerpiece. Frintezza doesn't like to get his own hands dirty, so be prepared to deal with his minions. He is also musically inclined and will use his talents to weaken your parties. If you get the opportunity to interrupt his playing, take it. His songs will disrupt your party's mobility or negatively impact your overall health.

The true challenge of the encounter is Frintezza's champion Scarlet von Halisha. This demon of raid level boss status has a penchant for charging into battle and stunning his opponents. As an added bonus, this follower of Frintezza has multiple forms. As he takes damage, he will transform and increase in power. Strategy must be used to utilize the full force of the raid party to defeat him.

With the help of a couple friends and allies as well as a good bit of planning, organization, and skill, a raid boss can be vanquished. Are you up to the challenge?

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