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Lineage II™: awesome views, rave reviews!

VETERAN gaming gurus from across the globe are raving about Lineage II™.

This highly anticipated Triple-A MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) from Korean gaming giant, NCsoft has been winning over the collective hearts, minds and "game time" of even the most demanding gaming junkies from around the world.

Pretty soon, gamers from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore will also be able to sink their teeth into Lineage II as well, courtesy of Asian Media Development Group (AsianMedia®) which is setting up a Lineage II server based in the Philippines.

So what exactly is it about Lineage II, which has kept some 14 million gamers worldwide coming back for more with each new expansion to the game? Let's hear from some people who have already played Lineage II and gotten hooked.

Spectacular graphics

Without a doubt, graphics elements are among the game's strongest suits.

Thanks to the Unreal 2.0 Engine developed by Epic Games II, Lineage II's stunning third-person 3D graphics provide seamless realism that other online games can only aspire to.

As Shiela Benedicto of "Game! Magazine" ( tells, "Just how much work was put into creating a real-world-fantasy experience is anyone's guess. This game deserves the all the hype, graphics-wise."

The praise is echoed in a post from the United States on "Electronic Gaming Monthly" ( which reads, "The characters are highly detailed and at extreme close-ups almost look like cell shaded animation. The spell effects are particularly impressive, with your character drawing dramatic glyphs in the air."

Perhaps Laura Genender of sums it up best by saying, "The graphics of Lineage II can only be described as gorgeousthere are few other MMOs that can stand up to Lineage II's quality."

New content

The first saga of Lineage II, called "The Chaotic Chronicle" recently came to its conclusion with the end of its last chronicle, "Oath of Blood." Currently, Lineage II fans are whetting their appetite for the game with "Interlude," a transitional expansion between the old set of chronicles (The Chaotic Chronicle) and the new saga (The Chaotic Throne).

When Lineage II kicks off in South-East Asia with "Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne," newbies and veterans alike will be introduced to an epic adventure with new lands to explore, more monster and enemies to defeat, and new challenges to overcome.

Lineage II Lead Game Designer, Jae-Hyuk Han, in an interview for, reveals that "The Chaotic Throne" will not merely be a continuation of the previous chronicles but a bold new gaming experience for both new and old fans of Lineage II.

Those who have been playing Lineage II for quite some time continue to enjoy the fresh content the game supplies with each new massive update. With plenty of periodic expansions planned for several years to come, there's more than enough opportunity to make a name for yourself in Lineage II.

GameSpot community member, Cyberdad says, "Wonderful places, magnificent graphics, excellent multiplayer system, a lot of events, numerous ways to play the game, awesome effects. Mark my words: You will not want to live without it!"

"NCsoft does a wonderful job of continuing to provide new content to keep their games interesting," reads another post on

Immersive gameplay

The phrase "highly addictive" crops up fairly often when people talk about Lineage II.

"After playing Lineage II for the past year and a half, exploring all races such as Human, Orc, Dark Elf, Light Elf and Dwarf, each with their own characteristics, pros and cons, I've come to the conclusion that Lineage 2 is really a great MMO. Highly addictive!" says Deformer2 a GameSpot community member.

For fellow GameSpot community member, Rofrankcip, the game's addictive appeal lies in the fact that, "players have many classes and characters to choose from. In Lineage II, each race has its own class tree, enabling players to change their character's appearance as they grow in the game. This makes advancing more fun."

It is this process of "growing inside the game" which appeals to longtime fans of Lineage II.

Even CVG (, the first and most authoritative online gaming magazine in the UK says, "Lineage II is an impressive game. The characters and animation are fluid and detailed, more so as you sheepishly move away from the villages haunted by the inexperienced to meet the more exclusive creatures that inhabit the rural locales."

You can find out what all the fuss is about when Lineage II begins its Closed Beta Test (CBT) period beginning in July. Just visit for more details on how you can take part during the CBT.

About AsianMedia

Established in 1999, Asian Media Development Group, previously known as AMDG, built up a nationwide sales and distribution network for licensed PC games, which penetrated more than 90% of internet cafes in the Philippines. Expanding into the online gaming market in 2007, the company adopted a vibrant new logo and re-emerged as AsianMedia to reflect its commitment to providing the best online gaming experience for regional gamers. To learn more, visit

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