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Limitless scores close to $1m in seed funding

VR technology behind Gary The Gull that delivers "Pixar-quality VR characters"

Limitless, the technology company that helped create virtual reality experience Gary The Gull, has just secured close to $1 million in seed funding.

"We believe fundraising is about finding good partners, and we are very excited at the great people we have in our seed round," said founder and CEO Tom Sanocki.

"We are working with the leading VR funds, a combination of US and international tech VCs, game-focused investors, and experienced angels. The incredible response to our first customer's project Gary the Gull at the conference increased interest in our platform and help us bring new investors and customers. Consumer VR is just beginning and we are excited to power the next wave of compelling VR content into people's homes and imaginations."

GAEA, The Venture Reality Fund, Colopl VR Fund, Social Starts, CRCM Venture Capital, Sparkland Capital, Mission and Market, Nick Rau (SVP Engineering at Nielsen, CTO of acquired startup Vizu), Jay Rifkin (CEO OceanView Media), and Masi Oka (CEO Mobius Digital, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor, former digital effects artist at ILM) all contributed to the seed round. Rifkin and Oka will also join Limitless as advisors.

Sanocki has worked at Bungie and Pixar and helped create Gary The Gull with Motional, a company headed by Mark Walsh, another former Pixar employee.

"As film and game studios plan out their next VR projects, we're excited for them to use the Limitless VR Creative Environment to develop exceptional Pixar-quality VR characters that create emotional connections through how they respond to the viewer."

You can read our full interview with Sanocki and Walsh here.

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