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New release offering improved lighting features.

Lighting middleware developer Lightsprint announces a major new release of Lightsprint SDK, 2008.6. New features include full support of 64bit Linux and Playstation 3 Linux platforms, improved Collada support, tone mapping, improved realtime GI rendering.

Lightsprint SDK solves wide range of lighting tasks, from offline lightmap calculation to realtime rendering, both with infinite light bounces, color bleeding and penumbra shadows. Using realtime radiosity and realtime raytracing hybrid techniques, it delivers unprecedented realism at speeds like 400fps.

Lightsprint announces also new Lightsprint SDK licensee, 3D Render Ltd.

Lightsprint is the world leading provider of realistic lighting middleware for games and architectural visualizations.

About 3D Render

3D Render it the leading provider of 3D-based services in Scandinavia focusing on built environment. Our solutions improve the clients’ decision making processes throughout the building process.

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