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Lighthouse released Ship Simulator 2006 patch 1.1

Haarlem, The Netherlands, June 30th, 2006. Leading publisher Lighthouse Interactive announced that it has released a patch for the summers hot revolutionary simulator release, Ship Simulator 2006.

Following rave reviews and a hot reception in the retail market this Ship Simulator patch (version 1.1) will allow players to benefit from some great new features as well as some bug fixes.

Lighthouse Product Manager Sean Charles said: "It's a constant journey to make sure gamers get the best out of our games and we strive to keep every game running the way games from Lighthouse Interactive would be expected to."

New features are:
- AI ships now pause
- AI ships brake and try to stop for the player ship
- Multiscreen setups now supported
- Control-type properly saved and displayed in the settings dialog
- Demo mission now included

- Resolutions higher than 1600x1200 bug fixed
- Help screen Edit-Mode now starts on the correct page
- Mooring waypoint logic improved
- Drowning man sound interfering with boat sound fixed
- Deleting objects in Edit-mode bug fixed
- Lowered the speed of the big container AI ship

For more information about the Ship Simulator 2006 patch 1.1 or more information about Ship Simulator 2006, please visit or website at www.lighthouse-interactive.com

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