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Lighthouse on the WarPath

Haarlem, The Netherlands, December 5th 2006. Leading entertainment software publisher Lighthouse Interactive today announced that it has acquired the European publishing rights to Groove Games fast-paced sci-fi First Person Shooter (FPS) game, WarPath for the PC. Developed by renowned development studio Digital Extremes, WarPath is an explosive combination of numerous single player and multiplayer modes sure to please FPS fans. The game is set to hit retail stores throughout Europe in Q1, 2007.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Groove Games in bringing this title to the European market", said Erik Schreuder, CEO of Lighthouse Interactive. "WarPath has all the elements gamers are looking for in a great FPS; neverending action, beautiful graphics and most of all, great gameplay."

"WarPath gets back to the essence of what a multiplayer FPS should be: fast, stunning and fun", said Michael Haines Managing Director for Groove Games Limited. "We're really pleased to be working with Lighthouse to bring this high powered innovative game, with unlimited replayability, to the European Market."

About WarPath

Three alien species: The Ohm, The Kovos, The Coalition. One planet... Kaladi, a veritable utopia rich in resources and beauty, one of the galaxies most coveted, guarded and hidden treasures. Until now. Three conflicting agendas: life, faith, a new beginning. One option... You must choose your side and claim this world for your race, laying waste to your enemies as you strive to attain dominance on a futuristic battlefield. Three different paths... One war... WarPath is a fast-paced FPS game featuring a unique single player mode that allows gamers to battle for control of different territories, each providing distinct strategic advantages. Once players have honed their skills in the single player missions, they can jump online and let the real action begin.

WarPath features

- 3 different races to choose from, each with their own unique weapon load-out and appearance.

- 3 land-based vehicles.

- 8 distinctively different weapons, including the Wolverine, Tyrant, Javelin, Judge, Vanguard, Vibro Blade, and EMAD, allowing for a highly diversified range of play styles.

- Weapons can be upgraded to unlock more functionality and greater destructive force with each new level.

- UNREAL engine and Havok physics technology provide stunning visuals and effects.

- 4 Modes of intensely addictive multiplayer action - Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Frontline Assault.

- 25 Multiplayer levels that take players across the diverse environments of the Kaladi System.

- Support for 2-16 players via LAN or Online, allowing battles to be intimate grudge matches, or all out clan carnage! Access to all the weapons and upgrades that players unlocked and mastered in the single player campaign.

The Battle Goes live in Europe this coming Winter 2007, When Worlds Collide and Three Races Fight for Dominance.

For more information visit the publisher website or the game website.

About Groove Games

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Groove Games is a global publisher of interactive entertainment software. Groove's mission is to partner with leading developers and publish great games for avid gamers everywhere. Groove has recently published Digital Extremes' first-person action game, Pariah and the multi-platform game, Playboy The Mansion. For more information visit

About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a fast growing publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in Haarlem, The Netherlands and Montreal, Canada. Lighthouse's titles include the critically acclaimed adventure title "Keepsake", the surprise sim hit "Ship Simulator 2006" and the award winning 4x space strategy hybrid "Sword of the Stars". Staffed with industry veterans and with offices in key locations around the world, Lighthouse is the right choice for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

Lighthouse Interactive - Navigating Entertainment

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