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Lighthouse announces signing "Delaware St. John Volume3: The Seacliff Tragedy"

Haarlem, The Netherlands, October 14th 2006. Leading publisher Lighthouse Interactive today announced that it has acquired the worldwide publishing rights for Delaware St. John Volume 3: "The Seacliff Tragedy". The third game in the popular franchise cont

Lighthouse and Big Time Games also announce that Lighthouse has signed the rights to the two previous adventure games featuring Delaware St. John: Volume 1: "The Curse of Midnight Manor" and Volume 2: "The Town with No Name", for retail release in various territories include North- America, United Kingdom and Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia/New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece and South Africa. Both episodes will be available at retail locations in these territories in Q1-2007.

Erik Schreuder, CEO of Lighthouse Interactive said: "We are very excited at Lighthouse to add a paranormally gifted hero like Delaware St. John to our stable of promising games. This series has more atmosphere, thrills and tension building than most games, without using any gore; it is a storytelling accomplishment. We are absolutely looking forward to the release of this game and building a long-term franchise for both companies."

Big Times Games CEO Bryan Wiegele added: "Given their history with adventure games and their growing line-up of quality titles, we are very pleased to partner with Lighthouse Interactive for our Delaware St. John game series."

Delaware St. John: "The Seacliff Tragedy" brings all new elements and interactivity to the series as Delaware faces his toughest challenge to date. The sound of a hundred voices call out to Delaware, leading him to the site of a decrepit amusement park. An ominous presence hangs over the area, for this site had been closed some four years earlier after a collapse killed more than a hundred people. As Delaware explores the area he discovers the tragic accident is only the beginning of the dark events taking place here. Guarding the park are demons known as Shadow People. Delaware and his partner, Kelly Bradford, must fend off these soul-stealing monsters if they are to survive the night. While Delaware has his psychic visions to lead him, Kelly relies on special equipment like an EMF counter to track paranormal activity invisible to the naked eye. Together they must explore the remains of the park and unlock all of the dark secrets behind The Seacliff Tragedy.


Multiple characters to be played, either as psychic detective Delaware St. John or his partner Kelly Bradford, each providing a unique experience.

Investigate the remains of a haunted amusement park in eerily beautiful 3D rendered environments.

Use gadgets to solve the mystery including a VIC (Voice/Imagery Communicator) to take pictures, record sounds and contact your assistant, Simon, for clues.

Solve Mysteries as you discover that the ghostly residents aren't the only ones with clues about what happened at the park.

Face your deepest fears as you face pure evil lurking in the shadows, outrun and outwit the creature if you're to survive the night.

Follow Psychic Leads -through Delaware's visions that need to be deciphered if you are to solve the mystery behind The Seacliff Tragedy.

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About Big Time Games

Big Time Games was founded in 2004 with the goal to create high quality, imaginative games aimed at the casual game consumer. The company is headed by partners Bryan Wiegele and James Schaub. Delaware St. John: "The Seacliff Tragedy" will be the sixth game released by Big Time Games.

About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a fast growing publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in Haarlem, The Netherlands and Montreal, Canada. Lighthouse's titles include a.o. the critically acclaimed adventure title "Keepsake" and the highly anticipated 4x space strategy hybrid "Sword of the Stars". Staffed with industry veterans and with offices in key locations around the world, Lighthouse is a strong alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

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