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Light of Altair

Colony building sim patched to version 1.01.


London, 19th June 2009, SaintXi, an independent games studio, today released the first patch to their addictive new 3D simulation game - Light of Altair. This update will help you plan your battle strategies with a new ETA timer for enemy attack fleets, and also lets you deselect the current building for construction.

A number of gameplay and mission glitches were also smoothed out for version 1.01.

Steam, Impulse, and Archive Games users can update to version 1.01 automatically through their installed clients, all other customers can get the patch here:


Light of Altair is a colony building simulation with a rich single player campaign based on a detailed future-history of Earth. You can grow colonies from landing pod to metropolis, while sending off new spaceships to expand your territory to other worlds. You are not alone in space, 8 factions from different parts of the world are all following their own agendas in the solar system challenging each other for the wealth and power of the new worlds.

After you complete the campaign storyline there is a cruelly difficult "Hard Mode" to master, and the missions have bonus objectives to let you prove your economic and military tactics even further.


SaintXi ( is an independent London based games studio. Founded in 2008, SaintXi develops high-quality games for the PC market.

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