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Liftboy - HandyGames™ takes you upwards!

HandyGames is ranked as one of the leaders of innovation of Mobile Gaming already for a long time. Titles like Townsmen, Porn Manager or Flitzer have been able to convince the international scene, as well as the band of excited players.

On time for the Christmas season, the German publisher releases the casual game Liftboy - another innovative highlight which hasn't been seen in this form by the world of computer games.

In Liftboy, the player slips into the uniform of a 1930s' liftboy. His responsible job is to transport the honourable guests of a grand hotel from floor to floor. He gets to know the many different characters with their individual moods and interests. He'll definitely meet flirting chambermaids, sparsely dressed managers, men with violin cases and many other bizarre personalities. He can entertain them with funny Smalltalk or trifle with them - but he mustn't forget that his aim is a high tip at the end of the day! Politeness and quickness are the key factors of a successful career. But beware!

He doesn't only have to cope with the moods of the hotel manager, but he also has to calm the weird soul of his lift.

"With Liftboy we have proven once more that innovation on mobiles cannot only be pushed by licences, but also by fresh ideas and concepts. We are one of the few companies that - by pursuing such a strategy - continue to increase the growth of the Mobile Gaming Market.", says Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames. "With the production of titles like Liftboy, we attract new target groups - far away from movies- or videogame-licences."


Unique casual gaming concept that won't bore you! Control the lift of a noble hotel of the 1930s through 30 levels Meet tons of characters with different moods and interests Keep the good mood of your passengers by engaging them in Smalltalk Collect tips aplenty Unpredictable events are going to surprise you Small surprises (easter eggs) await their discovery Savegame Highscore Easy controls Contact details:

Nathalie Depix GmbH

i_Park Klingholz 13

97232 Giebelstadt


Tel.: +49 (0) 9334 9757 - 48

Fax: +49 (0) 9334 9757 - 19

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