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Lifemode to show off new tools in the UK next month

Middleware firm Lifemode Interactive has announced that its team is to tour around UK development studios in the first week of June, showing off the latest version of the company's facial animation and head modelling products.

This is the first time that the California-based company has brought its products around UK studios since 2003, and it will be taking the opportunity to show off the full feature-set of its software, LifeStudio: HEAD, which enables easy modelling and highly realistic animation and lip-synching of characters.

The package, which is currently used by studios including FireFly Studios, Imaginary Productions, Nival Interactive, Buka and 1C, supports PS2, Xbox and PC platforms at present, and is integrated with the popular 3ds Max and Maya applications.

"This is the first UK tour we have undertaken since 2003 and we have found by showing all the studios directly, they have been impressed with a tool that is both clever in all aspects of creating facial animation and lip synch as well as time saving in game design," explained Lifemode's Natalie Polikarpova.

Studios interested in seeing a demonstration of the software should contact Natalie at to make an appointment.

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