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Lifemode Interactive conducts UK Studio tour

May 24th, 2005 - Lifemode Interactive, who are leading developers of facial animation and head modelling tools will be conducting UK Studio tour in the first week of June. The Lifemode team will be showing their new multi-platform technology; LifeStudio:HEAD SDK and have lined up many top prospective game developers and publishers.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® SDK which supports Windows®, "PlayStation®2" and Xbox® platforms, is a sophisticated high-end software tool for creating innovative heads and contains a comprehensive package of features and character libraries. The software powered by the Macro-Muscles technology includes easy modelling, realistic texturing, automated lip-synch and provides exceptionally flexible opportunities for creating amazingly realistic behaviour of the character animation.

The technology allows 3D animators to create cutting edge sequences and combines automated lip-synch with nonlinear facial animation in real-time. LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.6 also supports export-import plug-ins with 3ds Max and Maya packages. A free demo of our software is also available at

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® has been successfully used in FireFly's "Stronghold 2" recently published by Take2 Interactive and has been a strong seller in the UK PC charts.

"This is the first UK tour we have undertaken since 2003 and we have found by showing all the studios directly, they have been impressed with a tool that is both clever in all aspects of creating facial animation and lip synch as well as time saving in game design", said Natalie Polikarpova for Lifemode. "If any UK Studio would like to see a demo of our multi-platform solutions, then please contact me at to make an appointment. Lifemode would be happy to come and visit you".

About Lifemode Interactive:

Lifemode Interactive was incorporated in Belmont, California Bay Area, in 2001. It is a privately owned independent software company specializing in development of games-related technologies, high-end software tools and SDKs for game developers, 3D art studios and web designers. Lifemode employs a 27-dev team of skilled art, programming and game design specialists. Lifemode has 12 worldwide distributors and business partnerships with 1C, Nival Interactive, G5 Software, Gaijin Entertainment, Buka, Imaginary Productions, FireFly Studios and other companies.

Contact details: Tel: +7 (095) 236 59 67; Fax: +7 (095) 959 74 46.

Press: Alexandra Selezneva

Marketing and Sales: Natalie Polikarpova

"LifeStudio:HEAD" is a registered trademark of Lifemode Interactive Ltd.

"PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Xbox is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

"LifeStudio:HEAD" is a registered trademark of Lifemode Interactive Ltd.

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