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Lifemode Interactive completes SDK deal with Engineering & Computer Simulations in USA

February 18th, 2005 - Lifemode Interactive, who are the leading facial animation software developers, have signed a major SDK deal with Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. in the USA. ECS are developers of innovative 3D interactive software solutions and will be using LifeStudio:HEAD for their Civil Support Team Trainer (CSTT) project with the Department of Defense and military applications.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.6 is a real-time technology with a comprehensive SDK that can be easily integrated with various applications including 3D game engines, multimedia products, animation movies, TV graphics, business presentations, interactive help systems, educational programmes and an assortment of character-based web projects.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD 2.6 is also available as a box product and comes in three versions: Editor, an Artist, or a Pro package. The software includes a comprehensive library of character templates and tools for easy modeling, realistic texturing, automated lip-synch, and many other facial animation features, which also supports export-import plug-ins with 3ds Max and Maya packages.

Lifemode Interactive will also be participating at GDC between 7th-11th March in San Francisco to show the latest demo version of LIFESTUDIO:HEAD technology which allows developers to create cutting edge games, that combine automated lip-synch with non-linear facial animation in real-time.

Lifemode's Marketing & Sales manager Natalie Polikarpova said, "The Lifemode team will be happy to meet all artists and game developers at GDC to demonstrate the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD technology. If you would like to arrange a demo time, please contact for an appointment".

For information regarding GDC, visit

About LifeMode Interactive:

Lifemode Interactive was incorporated in Belmont, California Bay Area, in 2001. It is a privately owned independent software company specializing in development of games-related technologies, high-end software tools and SDKs for game developers, 3D art studios and web designers. Lifemode employs a 27-dev team of skilled art, programming and game design specialists. Lifemode has 12 worldwide distributors and business partnerships with 1C, Nival Interactive, G5 Software, Gaijin Entertainment, Buka, Imaginary Productions, FireFly Studios and other companies.

Contact details: Tel: +7 (095) 236 59 67; Fax: +7 (095) 959 74 46.

Press: Eva Rukhina Marketing and Sales: Natalie Polikarpova

About Engineering & Computer Simulations:

Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc is a software oriented, research and development firm that provides Advanced Distributed Learning simulations and courseware to the Department of Defense. They are leveraging proprietary technology developed for military applications to provide these capabilities to other commercial sectors by commercializing the technology at a dramatically lower price point and targeting these solutions for applications that could never afford this capability before.

Contact details: Tel: 407.823.9991. Fax: 407.823.8299. Email

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