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Pluck passengers from the icy ocean.

Hot on the heels of their hit Vans SK8: Pool Service, Fuel Games is inviting iPhone and iPod Touch gamers to get out the water wings and set sail for adventure in Lifeboat, their latest title for Apple devices.

Lifeboat’s gameplay has players frantically fighting to save passengers as they topple overboard from a rapidly sinking ship. It's the player’s task to tilt them into the available lifeboats and try to save as many as possible. If passengers fall in the ocean, players will need to tap them to bring them back onto the boat before they drown, or worse, become shark bait.

Saving passengers will net players cash, which can be used to upgrade the experience for quicker controls, sturdier ballasts, and swimming lessons for the passengers. The game also makes use of OS 3.0’s customizable music feature, allowing players to play god to rhythms of their choosing.

Featuring both accelerometer and touch-driven casual gameplay, along with humorous original voice acting and incredible 3D visuals, Lifeboat is now live on the App Store at a limited introductory price of 99 cents:

A gameplay trailer can be found here:

For more information and review requests, contact:

Nick Iannitti

Director of Communications, Fuel Games

613-224-6738 x 273

Brian Robbins

Studio Head, Fuel Games Denver


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