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Life to date Wii sales reach 67 million

DS tops 125 million units worldwide; software stands at over 688 million

Nintendo has released current life to date sales figures for the Wii and DS, in conjunction with its financial results for the period April-December 2009.

According to the figures, the Wii has now sold 67.4 million units worldwide - with 9.7 million units sold in Japan, 32 million in the US, and 25.7 million throughout the rest of the world.

In addition to the hardware, 509.6 million units of Wii software have been sold - 46.6 million in Japan, 275.8 million in the US, and 187.2 million in the remaining territories.

DS life to date figures stand at 125.1 million. The handheld reached the 100 million landmark in March 2009 - and the year was the console's strongest in the US, with record sales of 11.2 million (according to NPD figures).

Of that overall total, Japan accounted for 29.9 million DS sales, the US 45 million, and other territories 50.2 million.

Total DS software sold stands at 688.3 million units worldwide - 172 million in Japan, 261.9 million in the US, and 254.4 million in the remaining countries.

In its latest financials, Nintendo reported profits were down 9.4 per cent for the nine months ended December 31, 2009.

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