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LGF: Round-up of events

The London Games Festival 2007 kicks off today, with nearly 50 events spread across this week and beyond.

The London Games Festival 2007 kicks off today, with over 50 events spread across this week and beyond.

As well as two awards ceremonies, there will be a number of sessions taking place with the involvement of UK organisations, including an ELSPA forum, a day of sessions from TIGA, and a special lecture at BAFTA from Will Wright.

In addition the London Games Career Fair will also take place, with a record number of attendees this year, and the Virtual Worlds Forum will bring experts from around the world to discuss issues surrounding MMOs and virtual worlds.

Video Games Live will take place tonight at the Royal Festival Hall, with music from games franchises including Halo, Warcraft, Zelda and Final Fantasy played by the Philharmonic Orchestra.

London Games Fringe will also take place alongside the festival, covering subject areas not currently considered mainstream, such as education and culture, and FUSE 07, taking place on November 2 at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, will mix the worlds of music and games to see bands battle it out for professional recording contracts.

A full list of events can be found on the LGF web site, but here are some highlights:

Monday October 22:

The ELSPA forum: The Byron Review

Video Games Live

Tuesday October 23:

The London Games Career Fair (until October 24)

The Virtual Worlds Forum (until October 26)

The BAFTA Video Games Awards

Working with Games day (In association with TIGA)

Wednesday October 24:

The annual BAFTA lecture, by Will Wright

"Creating and Exploiting Games IP" discussion panel, including Margaret Hodge MP

Thursday October 25:

"It's Showtime with Machinima" seminar

Friday October 26:

The Golden Joystick Awards

Friday November 2: