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Let the Games Begin with Campus on September 22nd

Campus – the newest lifestyle simulation game – takes it to the next level with the addition of diverse and engaging mini-games

Las Vegas, Thursday, July 26 2007- As the final month of summer comes to a close, the beginning of the school year is in sight. Thankfully the fun filled antics of summer don't have to end when school starts. Topware Interactive is excited to announce that in our newest lifestyle simulation game coming on 9/22, Campus, players will be able to take part in many hilarious and challenging mini-games. These mini-games are not only action packed and humorous, but very diverse in nature and give players a huge selection that will never become dull or boring. Have a desire to play a game of chance? Try your luck at cup and ball or even buy a ticket with the in game lottery system. For the more scholastic minded, Campus offers various mentally stimulating games like chess and sudoku. Perhaps all you want to do is kick back and relax? You can always play some arcade games or hop on over to the sports hall and play some darts. The mini-games Campus offers will definitely keep you entertained but just make sure you're not late for class.

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