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From Pong to Oblivion: The Greatest Games of All Time

Headline Book Publishing is delighted to announce the signing up of 'Game On!: From Pong to Oblivion: The Greatest Games of All Time', - to be published in the Autumn 2006 - written and compiled by Simon Byron and Ste Curran - two hugely experienced and respected professionals in the Games industry. Fact: The Games Industry is bigger than Hollywood and 2004 saw the total sales of video games far exceeding sales of cinema tickets and DVD sales combined. We've all seen books about sitcoms, soaps, celebrity chefs, rockstars and reality TV stars. But Game On! is the kind of book that breaks new ground. There have been books on the history of gaming, books about the artwork of specific games or ones that tell you all the cheats and gameplay tips (great for hardcore fans). But until now, there has been no general enthusiast book for the 26.5 million people in the UK classed as gamers* - the people who know how cool games are but have had nothing to help them celebrate the fact. Focussing on the fifty greatest games of all time, Game On! vividly recreates what made each title so great and gives key information on the development and success of each title, but above all, it tells the reader where to find and play it now - immediately making Game On! ideal for the for the gift market. James Horobin - Headline's UK Sales Director says: "It stands to reason that Headline should be the first to recognise the yawning gap in the market and to cater to the needs of the fastest growing division in the entertainment industry." Piers Blofeld - Senior Commissioning Editor at Headline and the man responsible for starting up their New Generation list says: "Game On! is perfect - not only have we had considerable TV interest in doing a list show based around the concept, but it is an ideal indicator of what this list is all about: developing new markets with imaginative, contemporary and original titles.' For all publicity enquiries about Game On!, call Nicolette Praça, Headline Publicity, on 0207 873 6320 or email: . *Source: BBC 'State of Play' survey, December 2005.
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