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Lemmings™ 2


Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Inc.

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Platform: PLAYSTATION®3 system

Genre: Puzzle

Rating: "RP" for Rating Pending


The Lemmings are on the loose in true High Definition (HD) at full 1080p. The processing power of the PLAYSTATION®3 system allows Lemmings 2 to better previous Lemmings games in all aspects, from detailed environments, to beautiful effects and richer animation. With its immersive music and sound effects, fiendishly-designed puzzles and a slew of new features, Lemmings 2 truly enriches the experience beyond previous versions.


Full HD at 1080p - High resolution at full 1080p HD. 40 New Levels - Coupled with new play modes and dynamically-lit levels, Lemmings 2 delivers a more compelling and dynamic experience. Teleport and Cloning Machines - Exponentially increases the fiendish puzzle possibilities. Global Online Rankings - Gamers will be able to check their rank versus the world. For more information, please contact:

Ron Eagle Alex Armour

858.824.5585 858.824.4648

ron_eagle@playstation.sony.com alex_armour@playstation.sony.com

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