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Legion II – Civilization & Empire

New Product from Slitherine

Slitherine are pleased to announce Legion II, its new 4X strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit & eXterminate). Initial design work on Legion II began early in 2004 and the game is slated for a late 2005 release. Legion II is set in the ancient Mediterranean world and players can choose to take control of any of the major civilizations at the time including the Romans, Carthaginians, Gauls and many more. Players can choose to challenge scenarios with established civilizations, or build their civilization up from nothing on a clean, randomly generated map.

  • Found new cities & improve existing ones with a choice of hundreds of different buildings.
  • Explore the vast campaign map, discover continents, meet new tribes and locate rare resources.
  • Use the random map generator for endless replay value.
  • Research new technologies, build new structures and recruit new troops.
  • Send diplomats to negotiate, spy, broker peace deals & provoke wars.
  • Trade 9 different essential resources.
  • Allocate workers & keep them happy to prevent riots and revolts.
  • Withstand droughts, floods and religious unrest along with a wide range of external influences.
  • Win by total domination or by completing missions.
  • Play as any side in any scenario.
  • Recruit great leaders to command your troops.
  • Build fortresses and besiege enemy strongholds.
  • Undertake epic construction projects to impress your people and other civilizations, which bestow great benefits.
  • Historically accurate units, uniforms, cities, nations & leaders.
  • Auto resolve battles or take control of your men directly (uses the Legion Arena battle engine).

About Slitherine Software

Slitherine Software is a UK based company developing and publishing strategy game for home entertainment systems. Founded in 2000, Slitherine has gone from strength to strength releasing 5 titles in 3 years including Legion, Spartan & Gates of Troy. Its first online game, Legion Arena, will be releasing early in 2005.

Slitherine are currently in discussion with a number of publishing partners around the world, but Legion II is not yet committed in any territories. For more information about publishing opportunities in your territory, contact

All press enquiries should be directed to

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