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Legion Arena™ Demo Now Available

Varese, 13th October 2005. Black Bean today released the playable demo for their critically acclaimed historical strategy, Legion Arena, which will be in shops on the 28th October for PC CDROM.

The demo, which is now available to strategy and history buffs everywhere, includes a user friendly tutorial and Caesars Gallic War. This campaign includes 5 playable scenarios. Each battles was specially created for the demo and is thoroughly researched. The demo gives a small taste of what gamers can expect from Legion Arena. The full game includes 2 huge campaigns, spanning hundreds of years of history and including over 100 battles.

Legion Arena blends RPG and RTS gameplay seamlessly into a superbly fun and interesting game which will plunge players into a historically accurate Roman world and allow them to take part in the most thrilling battles of ancient times.

The demo will be available on the product's website, and on

About Legion Arena. Legion Arena is a role playing strategy game created on a massive scale, providing gamers with more than just the pure taste of battle. Set during the period of the Roman Republic, players take command of a band of simple peasant warriors, and train them into a formidable fighting force. Gamers can play as the Roman Empire and Celtic Clans through over a hundred scenarios, and must use carefully calculated strategies in an attempt to crush their enemies on the front line, fighting for the pride and glory of the battlefield!

For further information

Tania Rossi

Black Bean Pr Manager

tel: +39 (0)332 874 451


About Lago/Black Bean. Black Bean is the games label of Lago Srl, which is part of the Leader Group. Leader SpA has been the leading independent distributor in Italy since it started business in 1984. Leader is based in Gazzada (Varese) which is situated 30 miles north of Milan in northern Italy. Black Bean philosophy is to focus on a wide range of games genre leveraging on the niche targets that remain uncovered into the market. By adding original content to the products and by fully localising the titles Black Bean's vision is to remain close to player's needs. Black Bean has distribution partners all across Europe and PAL territories including Australia and South Africa.

About Slitherline. Created on the 4th of July 2000, Slitherine Software UK Ltd. is a privately funded limited company.

Slitherine Software is an independent UK developer. We are a small and talented team who have been in the games industry since the early 1990's working on games such as T-Tex, Desert Strike, Red Alert, Dune, Dune Emperor, Deus Ex and Urban Chaos on platforms from the Amiga, Lynx, SNES, PSX, GBC, Dreamcast to PC.

Slitherine Software have recently launched the Slitherine Strategies brand. Through this brand we are dedicated to bringing highly playable and approachable strategy games to the mass market. Slitherine Software are uniquely placed to deliver due to our experience within the industry and also the wider gaming community. Two of our founding members are also world champions in table top wargaming, giving us an incomparable insight into the workings of strategy games. This combined with our experience of working

on high profile entertainment software mean we are well placed to meet our promises. Legion, Slitherine's first game, has sold over 150,000 copies world wide and is still selling thousands every month.

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