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Legion Arena

Calling all Beta Testers....

Slitherine Software are pleased to announce they are now taking applications for Legion Arena Beta testers. Beta testing will start in November with a small closed test group, but gradually open up to more players once the servers have proven they can handle the load.

Legion Arena is a unique blend of strategy & RPG gaming elements, which makes it a hard game to describe as there is nothing else quite like it. Play challenging scenarios designed by us or other gamers at your own speed. You can also design your own scenarios for others to challenge.

Although the final game will not require a fast Internet connection, beta testers will have to download updates regularly, so if you're without broadband you might have a lot of sitting around and waiting to do. We won't exclude you based on your connection, but its something for you to consider.

We know how important it is to get the gameplay just right and you, the gamers, are the people who are best at judging that. We are committed to responding to your feedback and making the game as good as it can be. Previous beta tests for other products have been very successful and with your help we know this one will be too! If you've not taken part in a Slitherine beta test before, you'll be surprised how much interaction you'll get with the development team. Sometimes you'll wonder if we sleep at all! It's a chance not to be missed, which can be seen from the number of beta testers who sign up again and again!

To apply for the beta test go to We look forward to hearing from you!

We've also released 2 new screenshots that show off some of the customization options for your troops. The player can choose the textures each of their units will use, so you're not limited to an army of all one colour, only your imagination. The new screenshots can be found at

About Slitherine: Created in July 2000, Slitherine Software UK Ltd. is a privately funded limited company. Slitherine Software is an independent UK developer & publisher of PC strategy games including Spartan, Gates of Troy & Legion Arena.

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