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Legends of War: Patton's Campaign

PSP wargame scores an average of 85/100.

Genre: Strategy

Platform: PSP®, PSP®go (PSN)

Published & Developed by: Enigma SP

Multiplayer: 2 players (hotseat)

Age Rating: PEGI 16, ESRB T

Languages: EFIGS

Release Date Europe: October 20, 2010

Release Date USA: December, 2010

Average Reviews: 85/100

Enigma Software Productions announces that “Legends of War ™ : Patton’s Campaign” is receiving a good acceptation from both Gamers and Press, generating good sales and good reviews in its  first month in the European PlayStation®Store.

The game has been reviewed by the gaming press in different countries (UK, Germany, Spain…), with reviews sharing the same common appreciation: “Legends of War is probably one of the best games in the history of the PSP and probably the best strategy game available for this platform”. The average score of 85/100 is a good indicator about not only the press opinion, but also about the positive User’s opinions denoted through the social channels.

Some of the comments the game has received from the media:  Score : 90/100   

·         “Legends of War' is undoubtedly the best pure strategy game for PSP, essential for the lovers of the genre.”

·         “Although it may seem impossible they have led the small screen of the PSP the feeling to be playing to a PC strategy game. Scenarios are nearly perfect, and you can notice the great care and detail they have put into its design.”   Score : 80/100

·         “Legends of War is a rather pleasant surprise, it seems to have struck a balance between being both accessible for those with a passing interest in strategy games and compelling and challenging enough for experts on the genre.”

·         “ Legends of War is graphically accomplished and the developers have squeezed some nice visuals out of Sony's ageing hand-held.”  Score : 88/100   

·         “Tension, variety and brain training are presented here.”

·         “Recommended for PSP strategists.” Score : 80/100   

·         “Control system is perfectly solved and makes the title both intuitive and entertaining.”

·         “Good finish from the technical and audio point of view. The soundtrack deserves praise.”

PlayStation Online  Score : 90/100   

·         “If Sony doesn’t snap this game up themselves they will be missing out on what is one of the PSPs best games to date.”

·         “With everything going on you’d expect the graphics to take a hit. Not here. Without a doubt Legends of War is one of the best looking games to grace Sony’s handheld.”  Score : 83/100

·         “Legends of War: Patton's Campaign a new strategy war title for PSP with an unseen quality in this platform.”

·         “It’s remarkable for its playability.”

This game is currently leading the top of the Playstation®Store’s recommended list for PSP games, with an average user note of 4,9/5 .

New Releases

A playable demo featuring the tutorial missions plus a full mission will be made available in November 24 th at the Playstation®Store for Europe.

The game is coming too to the US market (PSN) somewhere in December 2010.

Enigma Software Productions is currently negotiating the rights to the UMD™ version. More information will be made available in the following weeks.

PS3 and Xbox360 versions

The company continues to work in the PS3 and Xbox360 versions for which a non-playable version has been presented during the Game Connection Lyon 2010. Materials are to be shared with the press during the next weeks.

About Legends of War ™

Legends of War™ is a new and unique turn based strategy game saga focused on creating a new and exclusive franchise set in different time periods and wars across humankind experience through the experience of charismatic military legends. The first release of the series is set during the World War II, in the General Patton campaign to end Nazi rule.

The game is to be released on Xbox360, Sony PS3 and PSP, Windows PC and Nintendo Wii.

For more information about Legends of War™:

About Enigma Software Productions

Enigma SP is a Spanish company founded in 1997 in charge of developing videogames and specialized producing high quality multiplatform games.

For more information about Enigma, visit

Contact for Media: Daniel Parente, 

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