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Legend of Mir 3

Teaser site goes live today ahead of the new worldwide server's launch.

- Oriental style graphic and fair balanced classes

- Still popular title even though of 6 year service in East Asia including China, Korea, etc

- Worldwide server is controlled by WeMade Entertainment

- Teaser site( grand open in April 8th

'Legend of Mir 3' has developed and has been operated by WeMade Entertainment, Co., Ltd (CEO Kevin, Seo / hereinafter 'WeMade') will start worldwide server on April. Thus, gamers from the entire world can enjoy at their own spots.

It has been already 6 years after the game went live since 2003. And still it is ranked one of Asian's top MMORPG for having oriental style graphic and strong balancing.

'Legend of Mir 3' which has been serviced in Europe and once has serviced in North America have closed the game service and now the worldwide server is about to take a first step for the global service with opening its teaser site ( on April 8th.

You can check various images, artworks and videos of the game in the teaser site. Also, you can take a peep hot oriental female warrior in the scattering cherry blossom through the main page of 'Legend of Mir 3' teaser site. Besides, you can create new account through the site as well.

Director of global business team in WeMade, Mr. Shin who takes charge of worldwide server stated "Legend of Mir 3 has easier control system than those of 3D titles so everybody can enjoy this game. Also, it has oriental style graphic and sound which is very attractive and exotic for any players in the world. Now, I’m happy because this is the time for old Mir fans in the world that have been waiting this chance for a long time to enjoy the game."

The Worldwide server of 'Legend of Mir 3' will open its teaser site on April 8th, and then the client download will start right before CBT. Until then, please refer to the further detail at (

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