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Legend of Mir 3 New Year’s Update

As part of our continued Quality support with Legend of Mir 3 on 30th December 2004, in proximity of New Year's Eve we are applying a new update that will enhance and add new features to the game. The update will contain among many things a whole new snowy mountain world area for players to explore. The new area will open up a whole new world of storylines and quests to immerse you in the icy plains of Mir 3. The new snowy field mountaintop area will play a large role in upcoming branches of the game's storyline.

The update will bolster the range of beasts and monsters that inhabit the world of Mir 3, including:

  • 9 individual monster types to pit your wits against.
  • 1 powerful new Commander who controls the vast armies of evil encamped in the area.
  • 1 incredible new king class monster that controls the lands around the snow field.
  • 9 new accessories to find and trade to increase your skills or just your credibility.
  • 3 deadly new weapons to help slay the foes that await an unwary Hero.

A new exciting feature of the update has been finalized where you will be able to gain ranks and badges through your in-game actions. The ranking system allows insignias to be gained that will label your player with a title that will distinguish him for his heroism, nobility and pride. These titles could mark you as a trustworthy adventurer hailing bonuses that would soon become apparent.

The new update heralds the implementation of the revolutionary new RIES engine, or the Real time Interactive Events System. This will allow players to trigger world events that will happen in real time across the lands of Mir 3, which could have a major impact on the world and the ongoing power struggles within.

The Beta phase is over as the debugging and QA departments have fulfilled their role in producing a solid product that we are now glad to say has advanced to pay to play. We have launched pay to play by offering Legend of Mir 3 at a competitive price with discounts available for long term purchases. A family account will be one of the next offers we intend to implement soon allowing multiple user accounts at a discounted rate.

As part of our recent developments we are working on making the payment systems as user friendly and convenient as possible. One of the latest ways in which we are doing this is Surfpin payments through SMS messaging, enabling players to pay for games on the move. As some of our players may not have access to credit cards we are also adopting SplashPlastic in the UK as a top-up card method of payment. In total we have a multitude of payment methods to suit all lifestyles that can get you playing in a matter of minutes.

On top of all this stands our unmatched Customer Support Service, our advisors are always ready to answer any question 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can send us an email or call us and we guarantee you'll get an incredibly swift answer.

We aim to continue our unparalleled levels of support by providing new content and working hand in hand with the community. The New Year promises to be an exciting time for all involved in the Legend of Mir 3 Community.

Have a happy new year of online gaming from all here at QGO.

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