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Legend of Mir 3 - A week in the Snow special offer.

Since recent updates to the Legend of Mir 3 servers, including a faster, more stable connection, and content updates such as the long anticipated Snow Patch, Quality Games Online Ltd has decided to offer free game time to all users, both those that have left, and those that still play, to give them a chance to take a new look at the game.

Former players are all invited to come back to Legend of Mir 3, to experience the new content, improved connectivity, to get in touch with old friends and catch up with old foes.

All existing accounts have been given 10 free days as an opportunity to see all the new features Legend of Mir 3 has to offer.

Play as a mysterious Taoist, with the fearsome close combat skills of a Warrior, or the awesome magic of a Sorcerer, fight ancient Numa, hunt in dungeons and palaces, and try to establish your place in history as a true hero of Mir.

Legend of Mir 3 ( is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) with an ancient oriental theme. Developed by Wemade Entertainment limited, and published in the UK by Quality Games Online Ltd, it has been running in Europe for the past year with great success

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