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Legend of Galasia

First English server for 2D fantasy MMORPG.

Legend of Galasia also known as Adventure Generation Online in Taiwan and Le Ciel Bleu in Japan will soon launch its first English version server in the first quarter of year 2011.

Legend of Galasia is a cute 2D style fantasy MMORPG which is similar to the popular Ragnarok Online. With its main theme, “Maid and Butler”, players will find that within the game, there is no way one can miss out having a “Maid” or “Butler” to assist them in boss fights and even guild wars.

In Legend of Galasia, players can have up to 6 different classes with stackable passive buffs and skills, which provide an unlimited game play experience for players to mix and match their preferred classes and even class combination.

For future updates and premium gifts, please join Legend of Galasia facebook fansite.

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