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Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Latest content release bringing new locations and magic.

LONDON – January 19, 2009 – Waygate Publishing Limited, a London-based company specialising in the operation of Eastern European online games for the Western market, today launched its latest content update for Legend: Legacy of the Dragons. The MMORPG, which can be found at, continues to grow in popularity and the new update offers new locations, monsters, quests and the long-awaited battle magic.


For those who have already reached level 11 in Legend, there is now the chance to speak to one of Faeo’s War Mages and ask them for training in the art of battle magic. Following a path determined long ago, Humans will be able to speak to Velt the Light Mage, Yu the Air Mage or Aguas the Water Mage. The Magmar magic schools are Fire (Fayt), Earth (Landt) and Shadow (Hombre). Once they have proven themselves worthy of magic, level 11 warriors will able to wield such spells as the Ray of Darkness, the Manacles of Light, the Tongue of Flame and Ice Storm.

Warriors who are not yet strong enough for such powerful knowledge still have the opportunity to speak with the mages and to fight an Elemental to see just what sort of power magic possesses in Faeo!

New locations

New locations have opened up on both the Human and the Magmar continents, bringing with them a variety of new monsters and NPCs. The historic fort cities of Faytvor and Grand Fort are now accessible, with locations including the Luan Coast, Gryphon Crossing, Terror Wharf and Ancestral Mountains. Gargoyles, Phitzells and Krogans are among the slimy beasts to be found hiding in the undergrowth, whilst I-Vidi and Berrush the Demonologists, Stavros and Tungur the Blacksmiths and Sentries Requt and Groumer are just some of the new residents to be found needing the help of a mighty warrior.

In addition, Norak the Virtuous has opened the Cloister of Virtue, offering protection for Faeo’s new and vulnerable warriors.

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About Waygate Publishing

Waygate Publishing Limited operates from offices in central London, specialising in the localisation and operation of Eastern European online games. The company also develops location-aware multimedia, used in popular satellite navigation devices.

About IT-Territory

IT-Territory is the Russian-based developer and publisher of Legend: Legacy of Dragons and numerous other online games. IT-Territory recently announced it has acquired the rights to translate and localise The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ for the Russian-speaking market.


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