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Legend: Hand of God - New Impressions from the Fantasy World

Hamburg/Germany: Feb 27, 2007 - Three newly released screenshots from dtp's upcoming hit action RPG Legend: Hand of God grant a first look at the game's varied terrain and different landscapes.

They show some of the stops along the nameless hero's journey through the vast and perilous world of Legend: Hand of God, as well as some of the dangerous creatures that he will have to fight as the last Keeper of the Holy Flame. Deep in Aelreth Forest, the hero is ambushed by a pack of wolves. The mist covering the Lar highlands reveals the imposing figure of a giant troll roaming the orc-infested area. The hero and his Bright Elf companion Luna search for clues concerning their quest near the Downwater Mill in the village of Turint.

Legend: Hand of God introduces players to a dramatic fantasy setting: For decades, the Order of the Keepers of the Holy Flame has watched over the portal that once allowed demons to invade Aelfal. The ever-burning Holy Flame prevents another invasion - until one fateful night: The flame is extinguished and demonic hordes descend on the Order's abbey. The last surviving member of the Order, who is ordained as a Keeper that same night, sets out to find the legendary "Hand of God". Accompanied by a mouthy Bright Elf, he searches for the shards of the powerful artefact - and in the process uncovers a sinister plot. The flame wasn't extinguished by accident - somebody wanted to open the door to the demonic realm forever. The hero and his unusual companion form an unlikely team, as they set forth to keep the impending invasion at bay.

Many action-packed battles await them: unique graphical features like the Cinematic Combat System turn the fights into a true feast for the eyes with individual parry moves and a multitude of special attacks. Enemies are fought realistically according to their size. To defeat a giant troll, players might have to leap on his back in order to finish him off with a well-aimed thrust of the sword. The controls of the game will stay simple, fast and easy for genre fans to pick up.

Another unique feature of Legend: Hand of God is Luna, the Bright Elf herself, who serves three important functions. As the hero's companion and sidekick, she aids the player with helpful hints and pointers. In addition, Luna serves as the player's mouse cursor, leading him through the world of Legend: Hand of God. In dark dungeons and other gloomy surroundings, she unveils her full strength: As her name suggests, she illuminates the environment around her. Directing her with the mouse, players can quickly explore rooms and caves, as well as search for distant enemies without having to investigate every nook and cranny with the hero himself.

Many other unique ideas, state of the art graphics, great atmospheric feel and storyline will make Legend: Hand of God a must have for genre fans. Legend: Hand of God is being developed by German studio Master Creating. The dev team includes industry figures like Lead Texture Artist Paul Campion, whose credits include the legendary "Lord of the Rings" movies and games industry veteran Art Director Andreas Adamek.

dtp will publish Legend: Hand of God under their ANACONDA label worldwide, with a summer 2007 release date set for German-speaking territories.

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