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Leeloo's Talent Agency

Help budding actors reach stardom.

For immediate release

April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009 - Puzzle Lab announces the release of Leeloo's Talent Agency, a new time management game with elements of hidden object tasks. If you enjoy these game genres, their light and amusing combination guarantees pleasure, exhilaration and fun. Leeloo dreams of becoming an actress, but her parents make her study Economics. So she decides to run her own talent agency in order to apply her business skills in the fascinating world of cinema.

Leeloo's parents were both actors, but not very successful. They played minor roles only and did not want their daughter become an actress. By her parents' wish she got a degree in Economics, still dreaming of the world of cinema. Leeloo could not play in movies, but her practical skills would be of great help in running a talent agency near Los Angeles. This is the prehistory - and now you are in charge of Leeloo's talent agency!

Acting as Leeloo, you have to perform two types of tasks to get through each level. Time management part is devoted to casting, and hidden object part - to shooting.

The time management part is quite exciting and full of various duties: you meet young promising actors and famous superstars, providing them with everything they need. You give them scripts, help with make-up, make sandwiches for those who are hungry, shoot screen tests, take promotional pictures for magazines and record sounds for film fragments. Some of the tasks are simple and require just taking an actor to a proper place in the studio and clicking on him. Others are more complicated and multistage, for example, working with hand camera and creating a proper image.

Like in any time management game, the customers' patience (and also the level of acting technique!) is limited and reflected by the smiling masks above their heads. The more satisfied they are when signing a contract, the better they play - and the more producers pay for Leeloo's services! Achieving specified goals for each day, you earn money, which can be spent on buying new equipment and upgrading facilities. When a superstar comes in the studio, pay him or her special attention! If you manage to hire ten superstars, you get a special trophy, as well as for other achievements.

On finishing the casting, Leeloo is to prepare the film set for shooting. The hidden object part of the game is as captivating as the first one. Some of the hidden objects can be found easily enough, others are rotated, shaded and scarcely noticeable; some of them need specific manipulations to be revealed. If the task proves to be too difficult, the game provides you with hints, so you will never be at a loss for long. And after completing every four levels you will be able to watch the result of your work - it can be a western movie, an adventure film, a family comedy, a sci-fi, a romantic medieval tale or a sports movie.

For each new film Leeloo's Talent Agency moves to a different location, so the music and the film set change every four levels. The tasks also change and get more complicated, as you go through the game. Playing Leeloo's Talent Agency you can be sure that you will not get bored by monotonous tasks and the same everlasting tune. The accelerating pace of the events contributes to fun and excitement, too!


-Original setting

-Frequent changes of themes and tunes

-Time management and hidden object tasks -Upgradable facilities and the help of an assistant -New movie theme every four levels

Pricing and Availability

Leeloo's Talent Agency runs under Windows 98, ME, 2K, XP, Vista. There is a special edition supporting Mac OS. A single-user license costs $19.95. Further information on the product, as well as its trial version is available at

About Puzzle Lab

Founded in 2000, Puzzle Lab is a software developer specializing in games for MS Windows. Among its major products are such widely popular games as Posh Boutique, Puzzle Inlay, Magic Inlay, Fiber Twig, Fresco Wizard, Charm Tale, Charm Solitaire, Crystal Path and Puzzle Myth. For more information please visit

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Please, let us know if you have any questions or would like any additional information on Leeloo's Talent Agency. Contact for more information. A registration key to Leeloo's Talent Agency is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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