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8-bit, Apple II survival horror, played through an on- or off-line emulator.

Sydney, Australia - December 13th 2010 - Aeriae announces the release of Leadlight, a brand new, free to play Survival Horror Interactive Fiction game coded for a classic 8-bit platform, the Apple II computer – but players don't have to know anything about old computers to play it.

Both Mac and PC users can play Leadlight online in a browser-based emulator at the Leadlight website or download a standalone copy of the game to play offline, if preferred.

In Leadlight you take on the role of 15-year-old Belinda Nettle, a student at Linville Girls High School in Australia's Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, you wake from your mundane existence into a nightmare. Your classmates are transformed, nameless terrors seek you out across the schoolgrounds, and traps and tricks threaten your life at every turn.

Can you help Belinda survive this terror-filled night and solve its mysteries? And will there be a new day?


Brings modern survival horror feel and design to a classic gaming form Solve puzzles and uncover frightful secrets Combat RPG engine with weapons and clothing Evade capture with the HIDE command Novel combination of modern genre and retro platform


Leadlight was an entry in the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition, where it received much praise from gamers and developers:

"The game itself feels almost exactly like a text-based version of Silent Hill, which is about the biggest compliment I can give a horror game." - Taylor Vaughan

"Just wanted to say that this ended up being one of my favorite experiences in this year's comp. Aside from the technical proficiency that the game represents, the packaging was some of the best I've ever seen. The user's guide was great, the installation instructions were clear and thorough, and the website design was excellent." - Ben Cressey

"Leadlight is awesomely creepy, just in case anyone was wondering." - Patrick Floyd

"This is the most exotic comp game I think I've ever played, technically speaking; it's a survival horror IF/RPG hybrid built out of a total conversion of a modular Apple II RPG game called Eamon, a system which spent about 20 years under continuous development, running in an Apple IIGS emulator in a web browser (or on your home emulator, if that's your style)." - Michael Martin

"It's a game I would recommend to friends outside the comp." - Maude Overton


Leadlight is out now and free to play.

Just visit


Leadlight was programmed and designed by Sydney-based artist Wade Clarke, and released under the auspices of his electronic music outfit Aeriae ( Clarke is a lifelong horror fan, game programmer and Apple II head.


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