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Lead The Great Crusade In ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII!

Upcoming WWII Strategic Board Game Available for Pre-Order!

Hampstead, NC, 21 February 2007 War is coming to your table! In the gathering storm armies will clash across the European continent, bombers will rain death upon the countryside, and the shattered hulls of countless ships will be sent to the bottom of the Atlantic. Commanding the land, air,

and naval forces of one of five nations locked in a struggle of blood and iron, victory is achievable only through total domination over your enemies. Nothing less will suffice!

Welcome to the brutal, unforgiving world of ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII!

Now available for pre-order, ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII is the upcoming strategic World War II boardgame developed by Neppagames and published by

Shrapnel Games. Designed as a gamer's game, ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII is a fast-playing, easy to learn game of the titanic struggle for Europe between 1939 and 1945. Based on an earlier self-published design by Neppagames, ETO:

European Theatre of Operations is a completely revised game system, featuring everything from all-new graphics to a rewritten manual and brand new game mechanics.

Players command the forces of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union, along with their minor allies in a variety of scenarios. The numerous included scenarios allow players to begin the game at the historical start of the war, or for a quicker playing session, begin with the war already underway and at one of the important junctures of the conflict, such as D-Day.

ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII's map covers Europe from Portugal in the west to the Urals in the east, and includes North Africa to the south and is divided into area movement regions. Large, 5/8" counters represent the armies/corps, air fleets, and naval squadrons (along with strategic warfare assets) that vie for territorial control.

Combat is an odds-ratio based result table that rewards aggressive action. With a focus on action, not words, ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII eschews a diplomatic

model, allowing gamers to focus on what's truly fun in a wargame: making your opponent cry as you annihilate his best tank group!

Today's busy gamers looking for a game of grand strategy will appreciate the ease of ETO: European Theatre of Operations play, from start-up to break down, with a full campaign playable in a weekend. No need to memorize a hundred plus page manual, or keep the basement off-limits for a year! Shorter scenarios can even be played in an evening. And as a boardgame there's also the bonus that no matter how many times Microsoft changes their OS, you'll never have to worry about ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII becoming unplayable.

Due to ship in late summer, gamers who pre-order now can save on the full retail price!

ETO: European Theatre of Operations WWII is available for only $47.95 directly through the Shrapnel Games e-store, the Gamers Front. To take advantage of this special offer, please visit:


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