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“Super Storm” sweeps over the red planet

New “Earth 2160”-Mod from Forces of Chaos available

Karlsruhe, 13th September 2005 - ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG has expanded the possibilities in the "Earth 2160"-universe together with the development group Forces of Chaos (FoC). The expansion "SuperStorm V.30" can be downloaded at the link below. Gamers, who have installed the mod, take profit from new team options. These handle the alliances between human and AI-players automatically depending on the presetting. Moreover, the mod presents changes in the resource - and weather-options. After installing, resources last 4 to 16 times longer and the weather can be influenced.

But that's not all. "SuperStorm" provides a clear view on the explored map after removing the fog of war with a mouse click. The "Observer"-Option, only available in the single player game, allows you to watch AI-players battling it out ... and ignore you totally.

Link: 4all@ftp.smoothyx.net/Earth2160_Superstorm_V3.exe" TEXT=ftp://2160updates:4all@ftp.smoothyx.net/Earth2160_Superstorm_V3.exe>

ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG is based in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company publishes interactive consumer software worldwide, the most popular of which is the "Earth" series by the Reality Pump developer team - with the current smash title, "Earth 2160". Former releases include the "Knight Shift" series and "The I of the Dragon". The ZUXXEZ portfolio is multi-faceted, with different genres like RTS, RPG and adventure. In its budget range, the company also offers fun games.

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